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At Be2bill, we adapt to your constraints and the specificities of your business sector. By developing a collaborative approach between you and our teams early on, our payment solution is perfectly adapted to your needs and the needs of your clients.

Find out about our payment solution in 4 key points

A fully personalised payment service

Analysis & recommendations phase
  • Collaborative approach centred around your business activity
  • Definition of criteria and filters of the rule engine that provide optimal fraud prevention
  • Recommendation regarding the retargeting features most adapted to your business
  • Proposal of an optimised payment page
Implementation of Be2bill
  • Set-up of a Merchant Agreement for France and the rest of the world
  • Deployment of payment methods and options on your platform
  • Deployment of marketing features
  • Implementation of tools for fighting fraud
  • Implementation of performance monitoring tracker
Performance optimisation
  • A/B Test
  • Filter refinement
  • Changes to features based on statistical feedback
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Real time analysis of fraud spikes carried out by teams

A few results

A/B Tasty, French leader in the field of testing, compared Be2bill with a traditional banking solution on MODZ' e-commerce website

All of the traffic from the MODZ site
New MODZ clients

Increase in conversion rate with Be2bill


New MODZ clients
New MODZ clients

Increase in conversion rate with Be2bill


Up to 10%

greater conversion with Be2bill*

* A/B Test conducted in September 2013 by A/B Tasty, French leader in the field of testing.
All of the traffic from the Modz site was split equally between a traditional banking solution and Be2bill, in otherwise completely identical conditions.