Our features

A fully personalised offer

Our features meet the evolving needs of your customers. Our data management gives us an overview of your fraud issues, while our teams provide daily support to improve your performance.

Interact with your clients

Optimise user experience and offer features that respond to the your clients' evolving practices.

Payment page

Fully customisable payment page, one page check-out, recording of bank details (one-click), A/B Testing, tools to fight transaction failures (retargeting via email and SMS), etc.

Payment options

Authorisation and deferred payment, no-fee payment in instalments, subscription, click and collect, etc.

Payment methods

Classic payments (with CB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express), alternative payments (with PayPal, Ideal, Bancontact, V.me, etc.), payments via bank card terminals, etc.

Fight fraud

Putting fraud reduction tools in place at the time of payment should not be done at the expense of your conversion rate. Applying 3-D Secure to all the transactions can cause your turnover to drop by 10% to 15%.

Drive your business activity

The Be2bill back office (Be2bill insight) includes numerous features to offer you greater flexibility in managing your financial and business activities.