Our approach

the final step
of the purchasing process

We designed a new generation payment solution that provides an intelligent and valuable way to offer merchants access to a feature which was long deemed too technical and therefore used only by banks: payment.
  • 2 out of 3 customers abandon their transaction if a problem occurs during payment.
  • Up to 30% of Internet users who make it to a payment page do not finalise their purchase.
  • 59% of Internet users abandon their transaction if their preferred payment method is not offered.

We at Rentabiliweb had already made this realisation by 2009, through reports from our affiliates and the sites we manage on behalf of our clients all over the world.

To meet this need we designed our own payment system and integrated it into our business, namely high performance marketing tools that improved conversion rates.

Data management is the key to an optimised payment solution that helps manage fraud. We have therefore received accreditation from the Banque de France (ACPR) needed to become an acquirer. Being an acquirer and a PSP allows us to be the first player in the payment solutions field to control the whole flow of money and therefore have a complete overview of the data. This data management capability has made Be2bill a market leader in conversion and the fight against fraud.

Our values


The quality and professionalism of our teams, along with the best labels and bank accreditations demonstrate our commitment to staying the best payment solution on the market.


Retargeting payment, tools to combat failed transactions, multi-criteria rule engine, financial reconciliation, etc. We offer the most innovative solutions in order to improve your entire payment process.


Our highly advanced monitoring tools help increase our clients' turnovers. As such, we are able to offer the best conversion/fraud prevention ratio.


Combating fraud requires a high degree of reactivity in the face of any challenge. In just three hours we are able to identify a fraudulent network, analyse its criteria, propose a combination of rules, assess their relevance, and lastly put them in place.


Be2bill, a payment solution developed over 5 years by the RENTABILIWEB group


October 2010
Rentabiliweb obtains accreditation from the French Prudential Supervisory Authority of the Banque de France.


GIE Cartes Bancaires : CB, Visa et Mastercard

June 2011
Rentabiliweb becomes a member of the Cartes Bancaires EIG (Bank Card Economic Interest Group in France) and the Visa and MasterCard networks


January 2012
Rentabiliweb announces
the launch of Be2bill


PCI DSS de niveau 1<

September 2012
Be2bill obtains "Merchant Agent" certification from Visa and renews its Level 1 PCI DSS certification


Over 1,000 clients
place their trust in Be2bill

December 2013
Be2bill exceeds a run rate of
1 billion euros
based on signed contracts


September 2014
Be2bill launches its
in-store payment service
and its cross-channel service

Our source of strength

We are your single point of contact throughout the payment process


PCI DSS Level 1 secure area



Bank card terminal / POS



Carte bancaire


Be2bill: how does it work?

All of the online and offline data are gathered in our secure platform. We can analyse your commercial performance and combat fraud and chargebacks

Our results

+10% increase in turnover
98,5% of fraud stopped
in real time
17% fewer chargebacks
17 conversion-oriented features